Minicraft – Video Game Review –

Minicraft is brought to you by the exact same guy who brought you Minecraft. So is it like anything like minecraft?

Well, there’s an open world for you to explore, but the world is a little small and there’s not much to explore. It’s just land, sometimes regular land and sometimes desert.

It does feel like a true 8-bit Minecraft at times when you’re walking around and exploring BUT you don’t even craft or build your own home.

You have to, as the in-game manual says, “defeat the air wizard”. When I read that, I stopped playing and started writing this review because I knew I would never ever find this “air wizard” or even defeat him.

Minicraft should have been the true 8-bit successor to Minecraft. You shouldn’t be playing knock-offs like Junk Jack or Terraria. Just go play Minecraft. Notch, you’re a good person but this should have been the 8-bit Minecraft, not an 8-bit boredom fest.


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